Your dream home in Italy

Are you searching for your dream home in Italy,
or have you already identified some
potentially interesting options?

As you may know, Italian real estate agents represent both parties, the seller and the buyer.
That’s why you need a trusted professional who will approach the entire purchasing process solely from your perspective.

Your journey with me starts with the initial exploration phase,
allowing me to be involved from the very start.

Before you book your ticket to Italy, I will send you comprehensive information that you would never obtain from the seller’s agent.

When you will be ready to explore only the finest properties, I’ll create the best possible roadmap to ensure your trip is both efficient and cost-effective, all while ensuring an enjoyable experience.


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    My name is Alessandro Rosa and I am the owner of ROSA PROPERTY CONSULTING.
    With over 26 years of experience, I’ll stand by your side throughout the entire process, ensuring a safe and seamless purchase.
    I will take you step by step in the purchase of your house in Italy, wherever it may be, solely on your behalf and without conflicts of interest.

    I have helped countless individuals find the right home or ensured they steer clear of purchasing the wrong one.

    What can I do for you?

    I will carry out a market analysis to prepare a correct estimate of the value of the property.
    I will send you my report with pictures and videos.

    I will negotiate with the counterpart to reach the lowest price that the seller is willing to accept

    I will assist you in every step of the purchasing process and
    I will be by your side on the day of the notarial deed.

    ... and much more than this.